Batch 2. 

All the Stack Tubed Goodness but in a fairly rare Stormtrooper colorway. Comes with a Scifi board and Inception Feedneck. The start of a new era. 

Barrel is a .685 14" single bore, bolt tip is an Exalt tip. Any questions please go to for tech videos or related. 

Comes with the lifetime J4 Warranty and everything in the box. If there are any issues we WILL take care of it, even years from now. Returns are allowed only if the warranty fails to fix the problem. Please consider this before purchase. 

Be sure two download the Scifi App on your phone - that is one of the best features of the gun!

Heads up: This is not white - but a clear anodize over sandblasted and etched aluminum, and reflects white. It washes up easy with soap and water, but due to it reflecting white, oils and paint will produce a 'dirty' affect quickly. It washes off, no issues, but it is something to be aware of. 

J4 Torque: STORMTROOPER - Batch 2

  • Torque Paintball Gun:
    Stacked Tube Spool (STS) 
    HES Timing system with AI feedback
    Easy to Rebuild ASA Regulator
    Light Weight design
    Rechargeable with any USB input
    Light Touch Exalt Bolt Tip
    Soft Touch Bridge Ball Detent
    Smooth Operator License