Back in Black: The Torque in all Matte Black w/ gloss accents - All the Stack Tubed Goodness in a Bad to The Bone Black. DEMO UNIT. COMES WITH  INCEPTION FEEDNECK. 

This is Batch 1, with the Sci Fi Board. 

NOTE: This is a sale item, all Sale Items are FINAL. We will warranty any issues, or replace with like in kind if possible. Refunds are on an approval basis after a warranty attempt is made.

Sold with Full Warranty. Demo. 

J4 Torque: Gloss Black on Dust Black DEMO

$775.00 Regular Price
$674.00Sale Price
  • Torque Paintball Gun:
    Stacked Tube Spool (STS) 
    HES Timing system with AI feedback
    Easy to Rebuild ASA Regulator
    Light Weight design
    Rechargeable with any USB input
    Light Touch Exalt Bolt Tip
    Soft Touch Bridge Ball Detent
    Smooth Operator License