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Who are the J4 Crew?

Every industry has them. They are called Gearheads, Tuners, Techies, Geeks. They know all the parts, all the tools, all the tricks to tuning up their equipment. They know their kit inside and out, know which bolt goes where, how to best tighten each screw, what piece is best to buy, and what not to waste their money on. The bleeding-knuckles-grease-under-the-fingernails-tools-in-the-back-pocket crowd.

That is J4 Paintball. 
We are a group of Paintball gearheads, tuners, techies, geeks.  Decades of play. Decades of tuning. 

This isn't players for players, this is engineers who play, building kit that they would use.
Guys who can bunker and program a CNC machine, take the snake and also time an Autococker. Guys who deal with solenoids, regulators, circuit board design as the day job, and lead a storm on the castle on the weekend. We are the combat engineers of our sport. The people the pros go to to fix or design equipment. We love this sport, and we love to tune the gear in it.   

We are building the products and parts we like and want. Parts that are solid, precision made. Products that don’t need hype or buzzwords to sell them. Products we would use each and every day. Products we think should be on the market, or is just cool. Not because the Marketing or Sales department came up with a new acronym for an o-ring, listened to a focus group or cloned a part in a different color. 

We back all our products up with the customer service that you would expect from the best Field Tech. We just plain enjoy fixing guns. If it does break, we will enjoy fixing it, repairing what went wrong, cleaning and tuning it to be as good as it can be. Because that is who we are. We want you to enjoy our kit, and we want you to play hard with it.

We are "Tech. Not Hype" 

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