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4 Barrel Soft Case - J4 Urban Camo

AH, the Soft Case. A nice, cozy bit of kit for your gear bag, a sleeping bag for your precious barrels. This case has a protective neoprene outer surface with a nice, Skin Soft Terry Cloth (SSTC) made from the same high quality material used for sweatbands. This can be worn against your skin for hours in the worst conditions, and gently it cozies your barrels to restful sleep in-between games so you can mow down the poor competition with your refreshed and energized polished aluminum tubes (PAT). 

Partially hidden from the Aggs and Haters in J4 Urban Camo, a unique paintball centered camo that will haunt your gearbag with its unique and specific brand of murder. 


J4 - 4 Barrel Soft Case

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