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The Sci-Fi BlueTooth Board for the Torque! 

Thats right, an entirely new manufacturer who produces a Bluetooth Board for paintball guns teamed with us to produce the most innovative board in paintball. That gives you the ability to control your settings from your phone and for you to be able quickly and clearly adjust your setting, along with get instant feedback for the HES sensor, the eyes, and any other timing issue. It is an automaticly timed marker, now with a link to your phone. Quickly and easily you can change your firing settings, rate of fire, and ramping, while still staying tournament legal. Maybe faster and easier than any other method yet. Still rechargable with any 5v USB power source using a standard Micro-B charging cable. Still running an AI self timing framework that gets past any FSDO or an climate issues. The easiest gun to time.....just got easier?

Oh yeah! All Hail the Sci-Fi board!

SciFi Torque Board w/Bluetooth v1.0, (2) new 502030 Li-Po 3.7V batteries and a drop in battery tray.  

PREORDER: SCI-FI BOARD! w/ 2 batteries, battery tray

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