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POLISHED SS 350 FCB 4 Barrel Kit: 

In a world full of companies selling aluminum tubes often they all try and stand out with hype, claims of superior science and selling you the markup for that logo on the side. They pretty much all claim they are the best. 

A sad secret is most come off of the same machine. From OEM to many well known brands you are used to paying over $100 a barrel for. The same aluminum, the same tools cut them, the same machine spins them. What if you just want afforable performance in a clean lightweight package? The blueprinted crate engine option for your classic marker instead of a space gun barrel? What barrel did people want?

When we polled our feedback group the answer was pretty clear. A Full Control 1 piece Barrel Set, with nothing but a really clean look to match their array of markers, often classics. Thats what they wanted, and it wasn't on the market. So we did it. The 4mula! line of products from J4 Paintball comes from feedback, finding areas of the market that are unfulfilled, we can innovate, or some items that we think are cool. 

Without paying a large price for the brand, just a reasonable price for the same barrel, the 4mula! Super Stock Barrel Set in Polish with a Soft Case is what you have been looking for.

Set of 4 (.689, .685, .681 and .677.) with Terry Cloth lined soft case.

Full Control Bore for consistant and efficient use.
Lightweight, 92 grams/3.2oz
350mm/13.78" long
Polished Finish 

The SS Features nothing but the CDR (Core Drilling Relief) built into the front and the Lotus style of "Adding Lightness", coming in at 92grams/3.2oz. A small divet out of the tail stock, and clean porting at the end to maximize barrel pressure till the last 4 inches. If you run low pressure a FCB maybe to your liking.

The CDR allows the ball to still have a nice squared release edge even after you take a few field cores, run it through the branches to get a clean shot, or try and scratch your name into local bunkers. You should have years of hard use and still shoot straight. 


Super Stock Barrel Set: 350 FCB, Polished Black, Autococker Thread

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